Areas of Expertise

Revolutionize your marketing & sales process by implementing AI-powered solutions for customer segmentation and analysis, content creation and optimization, personalized user experience and streamlined workflows.

Predictive Analytics

Customer Churn Predictiction

Detect which customers are likely to cancel a product subscription and prevent it immediately with custom predictive analytics solutions Identify at-risk customers and offer incentives to make them satisfied with your product. Armed with AI in marketing, you will eliminate a large proportion of customer churn and avert substantial losses.

Personalized Advertising

Earn your customers’ trust and loyalty by proving how well you understand them. Equip your digital marketing with AI technology to segment the audience and identify potential customers. Through front-line customer data analysis, creating eye-catching targeted advertisements and content recommendations, you can achieve reduced ad spending, increased revenue

Product Price Optimization

Optimise your prices to set optimal prices for your customers and keep your profit margins. Implement AI-led price optimization to free up your team from monotonous work and switch to high-level customer-focused decision making.

Visual Search for Advanced Online Advertising

Visual search based on computer vision is key to better product recommendations and sales. Implementation of visual search technology allows your company to increase customer satisfaction, higher search speed, lower item tagging costs, and a greater number of shoppable products.

Computer Vision for Smart Product Recommendation

Computer vision technology draws on that experience and expertise in machine learning to deliver personalized recommendations that suit each customer’s tastes and preferences across all your touchpoints. Your company can offer the customers smart product recommendations such as virtual fitting rooms via AI mobile apps, creating an outfit based on closet clothes, and more accurate product recommendations within the genre.

Image Recognition for Plagiarism Detection

Image recognition techniques let your company detect image plagiarism to protect your intellectual property. Counterfeit detection automatically identifies and properly keeps a record of detected counterfeits. With fake logo brand detection, our system offers relevant web pages as well as ‘visually similar images’ and matching images.

NLP for Sentiment Analysis

AI-driven NLP services open the door for your company to scale the sentiment tracking process on web pages and social media, which opens access to insights on huge amounts of information without delay. With this data and the use of artificial intelligence in marketing, you can track current trends and alter your services for high-rate and profitable

Identifying High-Value Leads for B2B Customers

Optimize your marketing & sales efforts by targeting those potential clients who will bring your company the most revenues. Define the right leads for yourself based on your business data and use it for lead quality prediction. It will allow you to be proactive, decreasing time to your targets and reducing marketing and advertising costs spent to less valuable for your business clients.

Our Services

Improve your customer journey with our AI custom solutions – big data analytics, predictive analytics, machine learning, computer vision, NLP – all at your fingerprints to create more effective customer touchpoints. Application of AI in marketing reduces ad costs, streamlines marketing efforts, simplifies and enhances the client experience, segments the audience and helps personalize advertisements increasing your company bottom line.


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Marketing Predictive Analytics

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