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Transform your AI use case into a profitable business with a senior-level AI developers’ team. Get more doing less with AI solutions catered to your specific needs.


Business Processes Automation

Customer Personalization

Superb Customer Experience

Data Safety

Human Error Reduction

Demand Forecasting

COVID-19 Tech Advancements

Analytics​​ & Insights

Digital Transformation

Brand Health Monitoring

Data-Driven Business Strategy

Customer Personalization

Digital Transformation

Streamlined Security

Increased Sales

Greater Performance

Our Services

Our main goal is to empower businesses with innovative custom-made solutions.
We leverage artificial intelligence for business use cases.

Consulting on AI Use Cases in Business

Having a business challenge and don’t know how to handle it? Our consultants will audit your business, pay attention to bottlenecks that stop your growth and suggest examples of AI solutions.

Complex Analytics & Insights

Reshaping your business strategy? Try getting actionable insights out of analytics. Get insights on your services and products and build a stronger brand with efficient AI tech solutions.

AI Software Development

Out-of-the-box solutions don’t meet your needs? Let our team of AI developers and data scientists create a bespoke solution that will not only troubleshoot your problem but strengthen your business.

Testing & QA

Our team makes sure that your solution runs smoothly and performs 100%. We offer post-production support and are always ready to consult you on inventions and improvements.

Customer Success

BI Implementation for Baby Care Mobile Application

The client develops apps for the baby care industry. We were challenged to simplify data collection and reporting. Our team gathered, analyzed, processed much of the data and decided to implement BI for effective data bottlenecks elimination.

Data Lakes for Big Data Processing and Visualization​

The client is a construction company helping businesses manage their data. They wanted to improve their existing AI solution with accurate analytics. The challenge was to collect, analyze, process and visualize data.

Building Influencer Marketing Analytics Platform​

The client is a platform that connects influencers and brands. They needed to enable real-time analytics and connect to different social media platforms. We suggested the integration of our custom social media analytics solution into their platform.


Most frequent questions and answers

AI can help business owners address challenges, enhance their functionality and even reshape marketing strategy with the purpose to increase the bottom line.

There are many. Paperwork process automation, streamlined business workflow, strengthened security, anomaly detection, disease prediction, product demand forecasting, customer churn prediction, customer reviews collection and analysis, brand health monitoring, etc.

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Every case is unique, but the price of the Investigation stage allows validating the idea at an early stage and to deliver the initial piece

AI-based solutions implemented provide the marketing department with comprehensive marketing analytics including:

customer segmentation
audience analysis
customer churn prediction
anomaly detection
marketing campaign monitoring
demand prediction
forecasting insights

AI is widely used in healthcare and provide the industry with incredible opportunities improving healthcare delivery including:

anomaly detection
streamlined medical imaging
disease prediction
COVID-19 smart solutions
physical therapy apps
paperwork automation


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